Power and profit

Customers and staff drive your business forward, and as it's owner, you're legally responsible for keeping them safe. Lighting, machinery, equipment and appliances all carry risk at the flick of a switch. with so much to distract you, negligence or unthinking carelessness can prove both tragic and costly, through personal injury or disruption to your daily trading.


Stay safe, stay compliant

Whether just starting up, refurbishing or expanding your enterprise, a safe, reliable electricity supply is essential to the modern workplace. We'll assess and test what's already there; help you upgrade for today's needs and plan for the future. Design. install and maintain- all to the exacting quality and safety standards of the current regulations.


Return on investment

Bought-in costs are important to any business, but so is value for money. And that's what the start-to-finish BRK Electrical service offers. The tangible benefit of a technically robust system that suits your daliy requirements. More power to your continuing success.


Electrical Services in Leamington Spa