Electrical safety that's quicker and less costly

It's not about cutting corners at personal risk. Far from it. Compliance with statutory safety regulations was made easier in 2005 when the Part P electrical installation requirement in Building Regulations could be notified and self-certified by an officially approved Competent Person. Before that, building control officers had to inspect and sign-off the work. It took more time and money to arrange.


Protecting Warwickshire's homes and businesses

BRK Electrical is registered with ELECSA- a Compentent Persons scheme. They notify the local building control department and issue a compliance certificate for any work that we do. they also provide you with an option to buy an insurance backed warranty,as further protection against any Building Regulations infringement.


Everything exactly as it should be

All of this is important. People's lives are at risk. Electrical connections, services and equipment all thoroughly tested, because BRK Electrical make power safe to enjoy.

For further information about how Part P affects householders, please click here

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